Our goal is to exceed client expectations every day.

At DaVinci Wealth, our mission is to provide the best and most comprehensive financial advice for our clients.


As an independent financial planning firm, we represent our clients and their interests rather than a specific company or company agenda for investment management.

While many financial institutions may recommend financial products that are designed or manufactured by an affiliated or parent company, we have no such relationships. This independence is essential to delivering unbiased solutions. In addition to our independence, we strive to provide excellence in our communications and service.

We have proven strategies for income planning and investment management.

At Davinci Wealth, we understand that retirees face many financial planning and investment management decisions that affect their long-term financial success. Some of these choices involve investments that will help protect against outliving their retirement income, hedging against the impact of inflation, and keeping up with rising health care costs.

Because over 98% of our clients are pre-retirees or retirees with similar concerns, we are in an advantageous position to approach these retirement challenges with experience and skill. Through a systematic financial planning process, we engage our clients based on their needs and act as their family’s personal Chief Financial Officer.



“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

– Douglas Adams


DaVinci Wealth is a fiduciary and offers Investment management in prescott

The word FIDUCIARY is being tossed around in the investment management services industry rather frequently of late.  A recent ruling by the Department of Labor is causing an uproar amongst “advisors” who aren’t currently held to this standard of care for clients.  Most aren’t equipped to make the transition to this higher standard as they lack the necessary licenses, training, and expertise to do so.  The days of the product salesman disguised as a true investment management professional are indeed numbered.

At DaVinci Wealth, we are fiduciaries, and have been since our firm began.  At DaVinci Wealth we take our duty as a fiduciary very seriously.  It means acting in clients’ best interests. Always.

At DaVinci Wealth it’s not just the legal standard we operate under, it’s the right thing to do. Always.





WealthGuard by DaVinci Wealth investment management, financial management, portfolio management, and independent retirement consultant in prescott

DaVinci Wealth is proud to be part of a select group of advisors who can offer WealthGuardTM to clients.



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

-Leonardo DaVinci