Inside You'll Learn:

When you imagine your retirement lifestyle, remember to consider all associated expenses. The "Budget Planner" will help you begin to understand all your expenses.

Account for your retirement savings. Use the enclosed worksheet to to identify all your retirement assets, and all other assets that may be available for use in your retirment plan. It's important to know how assets are titled for distribution and tax planning. This is the first step to crafting a true income plan, and not simply "picking at your pile of assets".

Identify sources of retiement income. Social Security and pensions are 2 of the most commonly mismanaged income sources: Choosing the wrong option could cost you dearly! Find out how to avoid these common mistakes.

It's all about the math. Is there a shortfall in income versus expenses? What about the impact of inflation? Use the worksheets to quickly and easily if there will be enough income to meet your expenses.

You may have many years investing experience, but little real expertise. As you retire you are asked to become a pension manager and navigate the myriad decisions and investment options that will have a tremendous impact on your retirement lifestlye, now and in th future. This report will help you determine if you amy be bettter suited with a retirement income strategist.