The Social Security Pitfall You Might not Have Heard About.

It’s pretty common knowledge that Social Security is roughly as complicated as say, a nuclear submarine, and that navigating either one is something that should only be attempted by those with ample training. Unfortunately, most people are on their own when it comes to learning about Social Security, and have no other option than to […]

How Retirees Run out of Money

Many retirees and pre-retirees worry about running out of money in retirement—and, unfortunately, it’s a very real concern.  Much of this anxiety comes from the fact that the idea of running out of money is not well-defined. We know that we never want to be in a position where our assets are depleted, but how […]

How to Manage Your Portfolio

When it comes to their portfolio, most retirees have one question—is it growing? It’s a valid concern, growth means more money and more money goes a long way in retirement. When your assets are doing well, you have more freedom and a greater degree of stability: you can do more and worry less. But growth […]

5-Minute Market Update | May 22, 2017 | FormulaFolios

I am happy to present this week’s market commentary from FormulaFolio Investments. The goal is to give our clients and friends a simple way to see everything they need to know about the financial markets on a weekly basis, in 5 minutes or less. After all, investing should be simple, not complicated.   Market Update… […]

Do You Have a Retirement Plan, or just a Retirement Account?

By Jason Rheinfelder

If I had to say in one sentence what I do for a living, I would say that I make sure people have enough money for a good life in retirement. At the simplest level, that usually involves taking a certain collection of assets, typically from an IRA or 401(k), and allocating them into various […]

How to Manage Your Social Security

When discussing social security, especially as it pertains to retirement planning, the biggest question is an obvious one—at what age should you begin to claim your benefits? To answer that question, Davinci Wealth in Prescott considers a few examples. Let’s look at three brothers, Jerry, Gary, and Larry. They’re all in or nearing retirement age, […]