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DaVinci Wealth Retirement Planning and investment management services in Prescott AZ

At DaVinci Wealth, the most important aspect of the work we do every day is ensuring that the futures of our clients are on the right financial path. We meet one-on-one with clients in order to fully understand their specific needs and create strategies to fulfill those needs. Our investment management services include:


When you retire, you will have an income need. Your income may be composed of or supplemented with Social Security or a pension benefit. Most people will end up with a deficit. Our job is to bridge the gap so that you can continue the same standard of living you have today, throughout your retirement.

We are not in the business of predicting markets. We are in the business of solving a 30-year income problem. Today, the average couple who is age 62 can expect that one member of that couple will still be alive and in need of income at age 92. If all you are is the average couple, we need to create an income that will last until age 92. Additionally, that income needs to keep pace with inflation and be immune to the whims of the global financial markets.


We believe that long-term, repeatable investment success comes from having a rules-based, formula-driven process. We utilize a process which doesn’t rely on opinion, and that helps take emotion out of the decision-making.

Through research and our experience following the markets, we understand what drives performance and returns. Based on this knowledge, we create a customized solution unique to your risk tolerance and income needs.

Our Process
In order to carry out our services for our clients, we utilize a results-driven process to encourage communication and meet expectations. Our mission is to understand what’s most important to you and connect you with the solutions and strategies that are right for you.


We take the time during our initial meetings to get to know one another. We strive to understand what is really important to you. It’s more than just the numbers, more than the assets, the income, the expenses; it’s about understanding what has to happen over the next five, 10, 20 years or more, in order for you to say that our working together was successful. We want to understand the “whys” behind your needs and desires. Only when we have this level of understanding can we begin to create the correct investment management strategy for you.


This step’s main objective is to develop a prudent, long-term plan and the investment strategy that is custom tailored to your unique needs. This step is the primary determinant of success and where the “Art & Science of Wealth Management” are utilized. Anyone can enter data into planning software, but it takes experience and insight to really understand how to design a plan that matches your investment temperament, goals, dreams, desires and ambitions.


This step typically involves placement of the assets into the various investments. We execute your specific strategy. We strive to make this process quick and easy for you by utilizing our experience and constantly communicating progress.


We closely monitor our clients’ accounts on a regular basis to ensure they are performing in a way that meets expectations. We also utilize WealthGuard™ technology to monitor each account’s performance daily. The most common cause of adjustments to our strategy is a change in circumstances, such as an unforeseen life event.  Additionally, a market-related issue would also cause us to quickly make necessary adjustments.


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