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All attendees will receive a FREE copy of "Stress-Free Retirement" by best selling author and retirement expert Patrick Kelly.

Tuesday March 13th 

at 10:00 AM 

The Adult Center of Prescott

  •  Learn the key benefits and limitaions of annuites.
  •  Learn the language of annuities; fees, caps, indexes, participation rates, riders, income benefits,etc.
  •  Why not all annuities are safe, and which annuity you should never own.
  •  How to determine the fees and expenses inside your annuity contract.
  •  Why today's products are "not your grandfather's annuity" 
  •  How the right annuity can create guaranteed lifetime income without giving up control of your asset, and the wrong annuity will force you to give up the asset.

Join Darren Vilardo, Certified Annuity Specialist® for this informative workshop.  

  •  BONUS TOPIC: Learn how to help protect your retirement lifestyle and nest egg without buying an annuity.


Tuesdy March 13th @10:00 AM

The Adult Center of Prescott 

1280 E. Rosser Street


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