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Spend with confidence and live your best life in retirement.

You’ve worked hard your entire life, ​but you still wonder...

  • Am I gonna be OK when I retire?
  • When should I start taking Social Security?
  • Is my portfolio too risky?
  • How can I pay less taxes?
  • Can I afford that big trip I’ve been dreaming about?


When planning for retirement, ​there’s a lot to consider.

Most people over 50 are afraid of running out of money in retirement. ​I created a process that takes the guesswork out of retirement planning, so they can spend with confidence knowing they’ll be OK.

Never run out of money
Spend with ease and joy
Make the most of retirement

We take the guesswork out of retirement planning so you can feel secure and excited about your future.

Darren Vilardo

Retirement isn’t just about the money. ​ It’s about your quality of life.


I ensure you have a reliable income.

So you’re not just hoping the stock market goes up and up.

I am product neutral.

That means zero sales agenda, just a solutions-driven process that really works.

I focus only on retirement planning.

I’d rather be the best at one thing than average at many things.

I am a teacher at heart.

I make sure you understand what you own, why you own it and how it will benefit you.

I am a fiduciary.

It’s my legal responsibility to put your best interest above all else. I don’t take it lightly.

​I operate with total transparency.

All fees are spelled out clearly before we do business.

Darren Vilardo
Retirement Planning Expert
25 Years of Experience   |   Certified Fund & Annuity Specialist

Here's how it works


Schedule a Call
We’ll chat about your concerns and goals and see if we’re a good fit.


Create a Custom Plan
We’ll implement our Signature Process to set you up for success.


Enjoy Your Retirement
Know you have enough to relax into a lifestyle you love.

I don’t just grow portfolios, I help you generate income.

With the mindset of a servant, not a salesperson, we’ll analyze your situation
​and develop a plan that works for your vision and lifestyle.

Our Signature “Your Retirement Masterpiece” Process will help you:

"Your risk is not that markets fall or taxes go up, but rather that your strategy doesn't protect against those things."

Retirement is a fundamental lifestyle change requiring a shift in the way people invest.

It’s about more than just reducing risk. That would be like painting your Honda red and calling it a Ferrari. It just doesn’t work.

We consider all aspects of your lifestyle and retirement vision.

Together, we’ll take the guesswork out of retirement planning, so you can spend with confidence and have the freedom to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

My Promise To You

Don’t let a cookie-cutter approach cause you to outlive your money.

You deserve to feel secure and excited about your retirement.

What’s Your #1 Retirement Mistake?

Take this Complimentary QUIZ to identify which of the five (5) areas of retirement is potentially your biggest “Retirement Gap” right now – and get a no-cost, customized report with your results and suggested next steps.